Lice Prevention

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7 Reasons You Keep Getting Lice and How to Stop Lice From Coming Back

Discover the 7 reasons you keep getting lice and more importantly how to stop lice from coming back.

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21 Proven Lice Prevention Strategies Every Parent Should Know

Discover 21 proven lice prevention strategies you can start implementing today to prevent head lice this year and avoid lice for many years to come.

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How Do You Get Lice? What Causes Head Lice and How to Avoid It.

Discover exactly where, when, why and how you get head lice and what you can do to avoid getting head lice in the future.

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How Lice Spread. Do Lice Jump? Do Lice Fly or Have Wings?

With 12 million cases of head lice in the United States every year, it is an understatement to say that lice are contagious…

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Do Lice Like Dirty or Clean hair?

Discover whether lice prefer clean or dirty hair, if washing your hair helps with lice, and why some people get lice all the time.

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19 Essential Oils Proven to Repel Head Lice

Discover the essential oils proven to effectively repel head lice and the 25 essential oil blends best at preventing lice. Create...

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Niche Articles

11 DIY Natural Lice Prevention Sprays, Shampoos & More to Repel Lice

If you want to avoid head lice this year and have amazing, healthy hair pick one of these DIY recipes for Natural Lice Prevention Spray, Detangler, Curl Cream, Hair Spray, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Gel, or Household Spray!

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11 Best Lice Prevention Sprays Proven to Help Avoid Lice in 2020

Discover the 11 best lice prevention sprays and avoid lice this year. If you’ve struggled with lice in the past or are terrified of getting it in the future...

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Top 7 Lice Prevention Shampoos Proven to Help Avoid Lice in 2020

Discover the 7 best lice prevention shampoos available on the market that really prevent lice. Use them daily and avoid lice this year.

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