My Lice Advice Reviews

"It was nice to finally hear things from an expert"


"We have struggled with lice off and on for years. One year we got it 6 different times. Lice is like a 4 letter word in our house. Its been nothing but nightmares. We have always done the treatments you buy from stores. We have also gotten stuff from the pediatrician. We would treat and comb daily. We even tried the comb with the electric current that is suppose to kill eggs and bugs. This time we struggled with lice for 2 months before finding MyLiceAdvice.

I was looking online trying to figure out what I was doing wrong or what I may have forgotten to do. When I stumbled upon it, it seemed promising and we were at the end of our ropes. Nothing was working. We decided to give it a try.

We liked that everything needed was pretty cheap and easy to find. There were 6 heads that needed to be done so we had to do it in 2 days instead of one. Overall its not hard to do and we are free from lice so it was worth it. I like that I have access to it for life and for all the things I learned. There is such conflicting information out there I never knew who to believe. So it was nice to finally hear things from an expert. It gave me more confidence."

-Summer, mother of 4

"After trying so many other things your method is the only thing that worked!"


“I have to say we did your process and videos last night on our whole family of 4 and it worked ! After trying so many other things your method is only thing that worked!  Thank you so much! You have been wonderful and really put my mind at ease! It really is amazing how well your process worked. More people need to do it this way!”

-Laura, mother of 2

"You'll save loads of money"


"I finally got rid of a particularly nasty cycle of lice in my house. My kids head are licefree and nitfree. If you follow each step of the system you'll be rid of nits and lice in a couple of hours. The videos are very well explained, and allow you to do it at the same time as Theresa models on the videos.

I am really really happy with the money I have invested in these videos and, compared to the price I used to pay for the lice insectides, I saved loads. The things Theresa is using in the videos is not expensive at all, so the price for the video tutoring is nothing compared to what I would have paid for all the products, again and again. I only have excellent things to say about MyLiceAdvice. You'll save loads of money."

-Adrianna, mother of 2

"We're lice free and I want to scream it from the mountain tops!"


"I stumbled upon this course on a whim. I had never experienced lice before. I even found it on my child's head by chance. I noticed she was scratching her scalp in her sleep and I just decided to take a look. I found eggs.. I didn't know they were eggs! I did so much research to find out what it was. To be safe I bought a lice kit. The instructions were AWFUL! I don't even think I did it properly, my daughter has thick curly hair and the comb was frizzing it out and getting stuck. My search was on for a definitive way to get rid of the problem.

I'm so happy I found this program! I learned so much and I can't wait to share with everyone I know. We're lice free and I want to scream it from the mountain tops! Thank you so much for sharing all of these tips and tricks!

-Victoria, mother of 2

"Thank you so much for taking the time to put a program together that really works"


"I am so thankful I came across your program! After spending about $100 on lice kits and not getting any results, to find your program was a blessing.  I have a set of twin girls, with really curly hair. They got lice somehow, they are only two years old. I have  a 14 year old boy, and never had the issue with him. So this was new territory for me.  After taking my girls to the dr because they were itching so badly, one of my girls was ripping her hair out. Still, no one told me it could be lice. They gave me medicine to wash their hair because they thought it was ringworm. After researching I finally knew what to look for, and sure enough, it was lice.  I treated their hair four times each with the kits from the store with no luck. Finally with your program and they have been lice free now for two weeks!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put a program together that really works! The step by step videos were awesome, and the time you took to reassure us parents that it happens and it’s okay. Your empathy was truly felt throughout the program, thank you so so so much from one very happy mama!"

-Alice, mother of 3

"Pure, practical system that WORKS!"


"After six months of trying every single product in the market, hours and hours of combing, three different combs, I not only had one head with lice, I had six. All of my children and myself.

It’s been a tough year, but this lice thing had taken over.  I kept searching the internet and that’s when I found Theresa and MyLiceAdvice and immediately bought her program. 

She is spot on. No need for anything else. I wasted time, money and many tears until this using her system. Theresa’s program is the exact thing I needed. She is very thorough, explaining everything to the littlest detail. No waste, no nonsense. Pure, practical system that WORKS!  Efficient and easy.

Don’t waste your resources on anything but this program!"

-Nora, mother of 5

"The step-by-step videos were a lifesaver..."


"Having been around the louse-house block about 4 years ago, I went into an absolute panic when I discovered we had been hit again. All the memories of that experience flooded back and I immediately went to Pinterest to secretly scroll through the current treatments. I came across a post with some good and bad home treatments and the consistent bold statement saying “learn how to kill lice in one treatment for good with my method” and I decided that the $50 was worth the time I would hopefully save. I was so right.

Now, this method is not exactly easy but boy is it thorough!!  The step by step videos were a lifesaver and gave me so much more relief that I had done everything humanly possible to rid our home of this disgusting plague. And I’ve checked back a few times and even did a follow up treatment for good measure and it was so worth it! Not to mention, she answered an email question I had within 10 minutes which was beyond amazing! She really is your coach every step of the way."

- Jasmine, mother of 2

"You saved my daughter and I..."


"Thank you so much for this course it saved my daughter and I from having another 12hr day or days of nit picking! We were so exhausted and i was you tubing for any kind of help and I came across one of your videos or an ad or something and that led me to your wonderful program worth every penny!

Thank you so much we are lice free! You and your program are life savers thank you, thank you, thank you"

- Autumn, mother of 2

"Worth every penny to have this knowledge and follow along."


"We have had lice before (3 times in our raising kids) and every treatment talks about what to do, but none show you how... we have people with sensitive skin and allergies so this technique was appreciated and gives me confidence that it is gone vs having to re-treat as with other products that caused us skin issues in the past. Worth every penny to have this knowledge and follow along. We would have spent far more money on OTC products that give us rashes. Also appreciate the learning and explanations that I have learned vs trying to figure out this all on my own... wish I had this 10 years ago when we got it the first time!"

-Terry, father of 4

"I have been able to get rid of every single one of them-nits and lice"


"I waited a week before writing a review because I wanted to check on the lice front before writing anything and I am incredibly happy to see that after treating the lice a week before they haven't come back a week later, so I have really been able to get rid of every single one of them -nits and lice- unlike the previous times.

I followed each step that Theresa showed thoroughly and figured out I didn't do it the right way before. Everything you use is cheap and without chemicals and works like magic. Plus I was happy to have an email from Theresa checking on how the lice elimination was going. I really recommend her program."

-Jess, mother of 2

"I honestly don't know what I would have done if it weren't for your videos!!"


"My family experienced lice for the first time yesterday - I have never had it and my girls are 10 and 13 never had it. I of course was in a full blown panic and went directly to Pinterest - too embarrassed to and overwhelmed to ask any of my family or friends for help.

You have NO idea how your plan put my mind at ease and gave me confidence I could handle this and it’s not the end of the world. Bugs terrify me - I act in a very irrational way when it comes to them - I honestly don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for your system and videos. Seriously what you have provided is so very valuable!! Thank you thank you thank you!"

-Karan, mother of 2

"The system was simple, super easy to follow and very informative."


"We struggled with the lice for about a month before purchasing the course. We tried a few OTC products and lots of looking through each others hair, thinking we were getting nits out. It kept getting worse. The system was simple, super easy to follow and very informative. The products were safe and items we had on hand."

-Makail, father of 2

"It was one of the best investments we have ever made."


"We are 5 people at home. My mom, my fiancee, my 2 boys, and me. We struggled with lice for 2 months. We bought over the counter products, we combed our hairs every weekend, but they always returned. We even tried vinegar as a homemade treatment but it didn't work either. My fiancee found your website when he googled "how to get rid of lice'. I wasn't sure of paying the money for the program, but I think it was one of the best investments we have ever made."

-Yvonne, mother of 2

"We were at our wits end!"


"We struggled with lice for 4 months. We thought it was gone and then it came back again. We had tried every traditional method out there, nothing worked. We were at our wits end and were willing to try anything when we stumbled upon this program. I loved how detailed and organized it was and it was easy to go through. I also really liked the advice on doing it to yourself since I had to do that. "

-Ayisha, mother of 1

"We can’t thank you enough!!"


"I noticed my 2 year old was scratching the back of her head. My husband made a comment about how her daycare teachers said they were playing in the sand today. After watching her scratch her head the entire dinner, something wasn’t sitting right with me. I told my husband to hold her, so I could check her head. I looked for 15 minutes and saw nothing! Right as I was about to give up, I saw something move! I put her in the bathtub and sent my husband to Walgreens Pharmacy to buy anything and everything that would kill and treat lice (over $100 worth!).

Now I realize, how much money I wasted on products that weren’t even effective! After 2 days of still finding lice, I googled “lice expert” and came across the MyLiceAdvice website. I didn’t hesitate! I watched the entire series in one sitting, went out and purchased the items and treated everyone that night. We haven’t had 1 lice or 1 egg since!!! I’m still talking about the course! We can’t thank you enough!!"

-Dionne, mother of 2

"Great step-by-step videos made it easy to follow along"


"We discovered lice on Friday night and tried a kit from the drug store. I smelt awful and days later still found lice and eggs. After doing some more research online, I stumbled onto this website and bought the program. What sold me was the no chemicals lice removal in one day. We have really thick hair so it was longer for us. It took us 2 days to complete the full treatment. Great step by step videos made it easy to follow along. I would highly recommend this program for lice removal."

-Charlotte, mother of 4

"Excellent program!"


"Excellent program! It was all good. Wish we had found you earlier because my relative spent $700.00 and 2 months to get relief. I have nothing to share as to an improvement on your program. Super course!!!"

-Becca, mother of 1

"It's like having your best friend, who you trust, right with you the whole way"


"I tried Nix - didn't work at all. And is toxic. This tutorial was excellent and thorough. All natural. Easy to follow. It's like having your best friend, who you trust, right with you the whole way and she's an expert! HIGHLY recommend it."

-Rachel, mother of 1

"Theresa did online what 3 different sets of professionals were not able to do face to face!"


I ended up battling with lice and nits for almost a year ! Yes one year!  I didn’t know what I was doing wrong... I felt it was all my fault, and my responsibility.  Every week I would follow the advice of the pharmacist, loading my child’s hair with chemicals, reliving the trauma every week of combing 3 sets of heads, then mine, then washing everyone’s sheets at 90 degrees, spraying my sofa, hovering my house, the car.

There would be a few days when we thought we were nit free but then the nightmare and vicious circle would start all over again... I must have spent hundreds and hundreds of euros on lice products and sprays, nothing worked. This was my life for months, one of my daughters became quite depressed, a recluse even.  She wouldn’t go to school, or gym training, or out with her friends... too scared her head would start itching ...and I couldn’t blame her! 

The situation got gradually worse, no product I used worked, on anyone! My other 2 kids missed a lot of school, my one daughter was slowly getting more depressed, and all the family got more and more distressed when she got her itching fits, I was becoming desperate at the realisation that I was not able to fix this.

My daughter loves gym, and trains in a team at competitive level.. she even stopped going to gym training, her gym team members didn’t understand . She kept begging me to make it stop …

As a mother, feeling powerless to help your child is a terrible thing. I consulted doctors, dermatologists, homeopaths... not one person gave me the right advice... My daughter would wake up every morning crying and I constantly had a knot in my stomach... none of us got much sleep in that time. 

10 months down the line, and still struggling with nits... I had reached the end of the line, I was already desperate and depressed and now, I had no more hope either! In a last bid attempt, I looked for inspiration on the internet ... one more time ... I just couldn’t give up! 

And this time, the universe must have been smiling at me because I came across the My Lice Advice site.  It caught my eye because she promised 100% success and in one day... after 10 months of going around in circles, this was exactly what I wanted to hear.... this is what initially attracted my attention to her site. I’d seen all the other techniques on the internet.

But still, I must admit, I hesitated in paying the 49 dollars… but by then, I was prepared to try anything...I was desperate!

In the end it was the best 49 dollars I ever spent … this program worked, I really couldn’t believe it ... I watched it once and could see it how her technique would work, I had hope again! She uses only natural products and explains many things about nits that I never realized...This helps!

Her technique is tried and tested, easy to follow and very clear, and she guides you every step of the way, taking the infestation very seriously, and leaves no stone unturned!

It was a relief and a revelation to finally understand what was going on, where I was going wrong and more importantly to finally have a way out! Theresa did online what 3 different sets of professionals were not able to do face to face!

She gave me the support I needed and the tools and knowledge to get rid of nits forever. The whole family was treated using this program and it worked!

The misery was finally over!

I felt Theresa accompanied me throughout this journey. Her knowledge and years of experience, her empathy and her understanding of what we go through, and her carefully developed technique guided me to success and a nit free house!

Her advice is accurate, her delivery is warm, and her program is very, very effective! A Perfect combination! I will be eternally grateful to her! 

-Michele, mother of 3