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Could you be dealing with head lice? Discover the top signs and symptoms of lice in this video tutorial.

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Transcript of the Video:

Hey, it's Theresa with My Lice Advice, and today we're talking about head lice signs and symptoms. Do you have head lice? Let's find out.

Before getting started. So that you know who I am. My name is Theresa with I'm a registered nurse, and I specialize in head lice. So if in this video you discover lice, don't freak out; go to I have step-by-step videos. I'll walk you through how to get rid of it.

This video tutorial is all about head lice and figuring out whether or not you have them.


Sign#1-Finding bugs in your hair.

There aren't many bugs that live on humans, but as far as bugs in human hair, it's really just head lice.

So if you're finding multiple bugs in the hair, then yeah, it's lice. When they first hatch, they're just teeny tiny, almost invisible because they're so small. As they get to be adults they are about the size of a sesame seed.

They are very small, and they move very quickly. But additionally, they blend in really well with the hair.

So take a look at this picture. Do you see the head lice in this picture? Here it is right here. You can see it's it's almost translucent. You can't really see it.

And then look in this picture. Do you see the head lice here? Here it is right here. So I find that often head lice are going to blend in really well with the hair.


Sign #2- Lice eggs.


You'll often hear lice eggs also referred to as nits. I use those two words interchangeably lice eggs and nits. These are little eggs that are laid in the hair that are glued on the hair strand.

So if you're looking around the hair and you don't find lice bugs crawling around, the next thing you would look for would be these lice eggs. They're very small. But the telltale sign of something being a lice egg is that it's glued onto the hair strand, and you have actually to pull it out by squeezing it between two fingers and pinning it all the way down the hair strand.

So if you're finding little things like this that are glued into the hair, then yes, that is also a sign of head lice.

Lice eggs can be a variety of colors. It depends on how close they are to hatching. But you're most likely to find lice eggs within a quarter-inch of the scalp glued onto the hair strand, and they're usually going to be darker. They're going to be like a golden color or a dark brown color.

Lice eggs can be white, but that is after they've already hatched. So you're more likely to find these darker lice eggs.

If you want to know whether or not you have lice or not, you want to do a thorough check of the hair for these lice eggs. I show you exactly how to do that in a video tutorial of mine called "How to Check for Lice." And you can find that on my website. And I'll also put a link here in the description:

Sign #3- Itching or not itching

Only about 50% of people with head lice itch, and that itching is actually caused by an allergic reaction to lice bites and lice saliva.

So if you're not allergic to lice bites and lice saliva, then you won't itch. And if you are, then itch a lot. And this kind of itching, it feels different. It's like a deep itch that you can't scratch enough to make it go away.

Other places that might itch a lot are the neck and the ears.
For some people it feels like the inside of their ears feel itchy.


Sign #4- A rash or "lice bites"


So like I explained, some people are allergic to lice bites and lice saliva, which causes them to have a rash.

Most commonly, you'll see this rash on the neck. Lice rashes can look different. One way they can show up is looking as if there's little bites on the neck. Something like this. But more common is just to have kind of a blotchy, red, painless, but itchy rash that develops at the end of the neck.

That's the more common looking rash, but either one is normal and typical sign of head lice.

The other most common place to find rashes is behind the ears. These rashes are usually pretty itchy, but they're not usually painful.

And the last place that you might find a rash is actually on the scalp itself. This can often be little scabs all over the scalp or pimple-like. They may or may not itch again. Many people will call these lice bites, but that's not actually what you're seeing.
What you're seeing is your body's reaction to the lice saliva.


Symptom #5- Itching at night.


Lice are more nocturnal, so it's common for them to be more active at night. So if you're seeing your child sleeping and itching their head, that's a pretty big sign of head lice.

Symptom#6- Restless at night and sleepy during the day.


Again, this is related to lice being more active at night. So if someone's been scratching all night long, they usually don't get a good night's sleep.

So one of the common symptoms for children is for them to be tired during the day because they've been restless all night, itching their head.


Sign #7- Feeling something moving or crawling in the hair.


This is pretty uncommon, but some people just have really sensitive scalps that can pick lice bugs out of their hair because they can feel them on the head.


Sign #8- Increased dandruff


Different people's bodies respond differently to lice and lice saliva. As I said, some people have a lot of itching. They develop rashes and other people just get a lot of dandruff.

So an increase in dandruff can be a sign of head lice. But, I find lots of people just have dandruff, and they think that they have lice. So before assuming that this increase in dandruff equals head lice, I would recommend checking out another tutorial of mine "Lice vs. Dandruff."

You can find that on my website But I'll also put a link in the description:


My Advice:

My number one piece of advice is if you think you may have head lice is to check for those little lice eggs in the hair.

Remember lice bugs run quickly and blend in really well with the hair. But the lice eggs are glued onto the hair strand. So if you want to know how to check for head lice, go to my free video tutorial that's called "How to Check for Lice."

And if you do have lice and you'd like some help, then head over to There are loads of free resources there, including a free house cleaning checklist specific to head lice.

So that's it for today. Be sure to like and subscribe below and if you have a comment. Feel free to leave a comment. And if you have discovered lice, then head over there and check out that step-by-step video system.

I'll see you there.


Get the Lice Checklist (It's FREE!)

lice cleaning checklist

Get the Lice Checklist (It's FREE!)