Lavender Oil for Lice: Treat or Prevent

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Discover if you can use lavender oil to prevent and treat head lice. Can lavender oil kill lice and nits?

12 million kids will get head lice this year. Is your child one of them?

If it seems like lice is more prevalent than ever that's because it is. Lice have grown immune to treatments that worked in the past, so parents are struggling with lice more than ever.

You’ve heard lavender can be a powerful tool against lice. Is it true?

This article answers the following questions (feel free to click below to go to any topic):

Does Lavender Oil Prevent Lice?

Does Lavender Oil Kill Lice?

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil for Lice

Prevention Spray Lice Tutorial

Let me introduce myself...

lice expert

Hi there! I'm a lice expert, lice coach, Registered Nurse, and the creator of My Lice Advice. I help people with lice every day in my lice treatment center, in school districts, and in government work. But the thing I love the most is empowering parents to get rid of head lice in ONE DAY at home! 

You can eliminate lice in one day using the same proven professional technique I use in my lice center on your child. Follow along with the Step-by-Step Video System, and when you're done with the videos you're done with lice. PERMANENTLY!



Before reading this article you should WATCH THE VIDEO above so that you can learn these 5 things and be successful.

Here are a few of the key points covered in the video:

  1. Some home remedies help with lice and some make lice way WORSE (find out which ones in the video).
  2. Lice can play dead (learn what I mean in the video)
  3. What's DANGEROUS?
  4. Lice eggs/nits and home remedies
  5. Home remedy treatment plan


Here are the links to the two articles I talk about in the video...

37 Home Remedies- The Good, the Bad, The Dangerous

How to Get Rid of Lice Like A Pro! (ONE DAY, NO RE-TREATMENTS)

Super Lice

A super lice bug at high magnification.

First, you should know that if you are struggling with head lice, it is not your fault. The current strain of head lice is immune to pesticides found in over the counter treatments and prescriptions. So, most treatments won’t kill lice, no matter how long you leave them on.

Lice today are called “super lice” because they have genetic mutations that make them immune to most treatments. They are VERY difficult to kill.

Multiple studies prove that lice are immune to treatments that worked in the past. Yet, many parents unaware of the research, try big named products 5 or 6 times, before finally giving up and trying something else.

Are you better off using a home remedy like lavender oil?

Before talking about whether or not Lavender Oil kills lice, you should ask yourself a critical question...

Do you want to KILL LICE or GET RID OF LICE???

Because there’s a big difference! Killing lice today, does NOT get rid of lice. If you focus all of your energy on killing lice bugs, you will NEVER get rid of lice! 

Here’s why...

When you have lice you have 2 problems, lice bugs, and lice eggs. Often people focus all of their attention on lice bugs, but neglect the much bigger problem- LICE EGGS! Those eggs are full of little lice bugs, just waiting to hatch and start this whole lice cycle all over again! That’s why you keep getting lice back!

So, when dealing with lice be sure that you address both problems: lice bugs AND lice eggs (nits).

Does Lavender Oil Prevent Lice?

Head lice are like sharks…

Lice have a keen sense of smell, and they are attracted to human blood. Just like sharks and mosquitoes, they can smell when blood is near. 

When lice smell a new yummy head, they instinctively want to get there and begin their feast. This is why lice spread to so many unsuspecting individuals. 


The good news is...

You can use lice’s keen sense of smell against them. Because lice are so sensitive to smell, they will instinctively run away from any scent they don’t like.

Believe it or not, your secret weapon lies in essential oils--the same essential oils that smell amazing to you. If you have these scents in your hair, lice will run in the opposite direction to get away from you.

Even though lice hate these scents, they smell lovely to us humans. Essential oils like this are called lice repellents or lice deterrents.

smelling essential oils

Studies show lavender oil to be one of these repelling scents. In one study, lavender appeared to prevent some head lice from feeding on the scalp. But lavender has not proven to be the most repelling scent. In multiple studies, other essential oils like tea tree oil, peppermint, rosemary, and citronella have shown to be much more effective lice deterrents. 

For a full list of the 19 essential oils that deter lice check out my other article here.

If your child doesn’t have lice and you are just looking for prevention information, click here to skip to the Lavender Oil for Lice Prevention section of this article.

Can Lavender Oil Kill Lice?

Lavender oil is an excellent weapon in the fight against head lice in terms of prevention, but that’s as far as it goes. 

Researchers tested lavender in a few studies on its ability to kill head lice, and it did poorly. 

In one study, involving lavender and 54 other essential oils, lavender did not kill lice. Lavender was one of the least effective at killing lice.

Many people get confused, because lavender is good at prevention, but it doesn't actually kill lice.

essential oils coconut

Lavender and Lice Eggs

Severe head lice infestation commons, no rights reserved

Lavender has no effect on lice eggs, which really isn't a big surprise, because there isn't any essential oil or home remedy out there that kills lice eggs. Lice eggs have a thick, waxy, protective shell on them which makes them impenetrable. I teach how to kill and remove lice eggs in my online course Get Rid of Lice Like A Pro!

Better Home Remedies Than Lavender

If you are looking for an all-natural way to get rid of lice then the very best and FASTEST way to do that is by learning how to do a professional lice treatment on your child at home. You don't need to buy any lice kits or lice products, and you can be done with lice in less than a day. That's what I teach on my page Get Rid of Lice Like A Pro!

If you're set on doing it on your own and you want to hunt around for a home remedy then you can find a list of much better home remedies in my article 37 Home Remedies for Lice. In that article I evaluate every home remedy for lice and let you know how many lice and lice eggs they kill.

You should know that even the best home remedies only kill 80% of lice bugs and no home remedies kill lice eggs. If you decide to go that route then plan on retreating and nit-picking for about 3 weeks.

You can find the Home Remedies article here.

Lavender Oil For Lice Prevention

lavender prevent

In studies, lavender, along with several other essential oils act as lice repellents.

But, using lavender oil alone as lice prevention is a mistake. While using lavender is better than not using any lice deterring scents, it is not adequate for preventing lice on its own for most people. You are much better off using a variety of essential oils proven to ward off head lice.

Here are the most lice deterring essential oils:

Not all Essential Oils Are Equal

Be careful to use essential oils that are pure and undiluted. Many sell knock offs and “scented” oils that are not essential oils. To prevent lice, you need legitimate essential oils that are quality tested.

Lice Prevention Spray Tutorial

spray hair


  • 8 oz spray bottle
  • 6 oz of distilled or purified water
  • 2 Tablespoons of carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or olive oil
  • 20 Drops of Essential Oils (use a blend in my other article for better protection)


  1. Combine ingredients in an 8 oz spray bottle. 
  2. Shake vigorously. 
  3. Spray every day in hair for lice prevention, shaking vigorously before each use.
  4. Replace every 1-2 months (this is for bacterial reasons)

More on Lice Prevention

There are some very effective lice prevention sprays already on the market. These sprays are a combination of all of the best prevention essential oils. Instead of making one yourself, you can buy one. I review all lice prevention sprays in another article you can read here.

If you're serious about lice prevention then check out my article 21 Proven Lice Prevention Strategies Every Parent Should Know.

Summing it Up…

Lavender can be a tool to protect yourself from head lice, but it is not an adequate lice killer.

If you plan to use a home remedy for lice then I DO NOT recommend you use Lavender Oil. Instead I’d recommend you use a more effective home remedy like the ones I cover in this article. But, understand that there is no home remedy or treatment out there that kills all lice bugs or lice eggs, so it’s going to take you several weeks to get rid of lice using a method like that.  If you want to get rid of lice quickly, you should check out the How to Get Rid of Lice Like a Pro! Online Course and get rid of it in ONE DAY.

Using lavender as a lice deterrent is a good idea, but if you use it alone, you will not repel lice. You’re less likely to get lice if you combine lavender with other essential oils that repel lice like peppermint, tea tree, and citronella. You can find a list of combinations in the article 19 Essential Oils That Repel Lice

All the best,

Theresa, My Lice Advice


Theresa is a lice expert with years of experience curing children of lice. She currently works with government agencies and non-profit organizations to help children with the most severe head lice infestations in the US.

Originally trained as a Registered Nurse, she changed specialties to study lice. Later, she opened a lice treatment center where she perfected the PRO technique she teaches in the Get Rid of Lice Like A Pro online course. She now works helping those struggling with lice around the world.

She is the creator of, one of the top lice informational websites in the world and she teaches parents around the world how to get rid of lice in less than a day in the Get Rid of Lice Like a Pro online course.

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