Olive Oil For Lice Treatment Tutorial: Does Olive Oil Kill Lice?

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Is olive oil a good lice treatment? Does it kill lice?

The Horrible Cycle

Viscous cycle 1

Most people find themselves in the same vicous cycle. It looks like this...

  • You discover lice!
  • You spend hours treating, nit-picking, house cleaning, etc.
  • You think it’s gone...
  • But then it comes back again!

Sound familiar? 

As a result, many parents are turning to home remedies like olive oil as an alternative.

This article and video tutorial answer the following:

Does Olive Oil Kill Lice and Nits?

Risks of Olive Oil as a Lice Treatment

Olive Oil for Lice Video Tutorial

Is Olive Oil A Good Lice Treatment?

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There are loads of random people claiming different home remedies "cure" lice circulating the internet. 

The purpose of My Lice Advice is to give you the undiluted facts about home remedies and other lice treatmentsso that you can make good decisions and get rid of lice as fast as possible. 

This article focuses on the facts about olive oil and head lice.

Let me introduce myself...

lice expert

Hi there! I'm a lice expert, lice coach, Registered Nurse, and the creator of My Lice Advice. I help people with lice every day in my lice treatment center, in school districts, and in government work. But the thing I love the most is empowering parents to get rid of head lice in ONE DAY at home! 

You can eliminate lice in one day using the same proven professional technique I use in my lice center on your child. Follow along with the Step-by-Step Video System, and when you're done with the videos you're done with lice. PERMANENTLY!

#1 Thing You MUST Know About Lice...

The most recent studies show that well over 98% of lice are resistant to the most popular lice treatments. The same thing is true of over the counter-treatments, home remedies, and prescription treatments. You name it...lice have developed a resistance to it.


Over 98% of lice are resistant to lice treatments and home remedies that worked in the past.


What does resistant mean?

Resistance means that most lice have grown immune to lice treatments AND home remedies that worked in the past!!

So, if you've tried treatment after treatment and home remedy after home remedy and you still have lice, now you know why.

Why Are Lice Immune?

treatment Kills Weakest Lice

Survival of the Fittest

Have you ever heard the term "survival of the fittest"? It means that the "strongest" in a species are the ones that survive! That's what has happened with head lice.

In the 1980's and 1990's most lice were pretty weak. They could be killed with lice kits and home remedies.

But, over the years, pesticides and home remedies have killed off most of the weak lice, and now what is left is a stronger, very resistant breed of head lice (you may have heard of them as super lice).

Every recent study says the same thing- lice are becoming more immune to lice kits and home remedies with every passing day.

Your TWO Big Problems with Lice...

Parents around the world are all asking me the same question…. "Why is it so much harder to get rid of lice now?"

Let's start first with the basics. When you have lice, you have two big problems, not just one.



#1- Lice BUGS are IMMUNE

#2- Lice EGGS keep HATCHING

problem #1

Problem #1- Lice Bugs are Immune

When you use a lice treatment product or a home remedy, you only kill a small percentage of lice. These are the "weak" lice on the head.

When you kill the WEAKEST lice bugs, you leave the STRONGEST bugs to survive and breed together- creating even stronger lice on your head!!! Each subsequent generation of lice is even more immune and more challenging to get rid of. In truth, each time you use an ineffective lice treatment, lice comes back stronger than it was before the treatment. 

problem #2

Problem #2- Lice Eggs Keep Hatching

Lice eggs are also called nits. They are the little eggs that lice lay in your hair. Each lice bug lays somewhere between 5-10 of these little eggs every day, so they add up very fast!

Lice kits, harsh chemicals, and home remedies don't kill lice eggs!!! That's why every kit and home remedy tells you to re-treat. However, lice eggs left in the hair hatch at different times, so re-treating a week later isn't going to work. Some eggs hatch in 5 days, while others hatch 15 days later. When these eggs hatch, your child becomes re-infested with lice again and again.

If your approach is to "just keep re-treating," you will drive yourself crazy and waste hundreds of dollars because that approach doesn't work. The best approach is to kill and remove every last lice egg in one session. This guarantees that lice eggs won't hatch and re-infest your child. That's how I tackle lice in my lice treatment center and you can do that same thing at home by following along with the  Step-by-Step Video System). When you approach lice and lice eggs this way there's no need for re-treatments because all of the eggs are killed and removed—no more lice or lice eggs = no need to re-treat.

Copy of the solution long arrow (1)

The Solution- Get Rid of Lice in ONE Day

Unfortunately most parents buy into the idea that re-treating and re-treating for lice is the "right" way to do it. That's crazy! The very best way to get rid of lice is in one treatment.




That's what you'll do with the My Lice Advice Step-by-Step Video System. No more lice kits, no more nit-picking, no more messing around with home remedies. You follow the step-by-step videos, you kill every bug and every egg and you get rid of lice. Permanently.

One mom's experience...

"After six months of trying every single home remedy and product on the market, hours and hours of combing, three different combs, I not only had one head with lice, I had six. All of my children and myself.

I kept searching the internet and that’s when I found Theresa and MyLiceAdvice. Watched a free video of hers and immediately got her program. 

She is spot on. No need for anything else. I wasted time, money and many tears until finding this system. Theresa’s program is the exact thing I needed. She is very thorough, explaining everything to the littlest detail. No waste, no nonsense. Pure practical system that WORKS!"

What's the secret?

The secret is to kill every last lice bug and every last lice egg (nit) in one session. When you do that, you get rid of lice, and it's gone permanently.


How do you do it?

I have been using the same step-by-step system in my lice center for years and years. And now I teach that same system I use in my lice treatment center to parents in videos and they do it on their children at home. In the videos, I walk you through step-by-step exactly how to do a professional lice treatment on your child at home that doesn't use any toxic chemicals, pesticides, or lice kits. You follow along with the videos, and you get rid of lice. It's that simple.

Worried About Lice in the House???

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Is Olive Oil A Good Lice Treatment?

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The purpose of My Lice Advice is to give you the undiluted facts, so that you can make good decisions and get rid of lice as fast as possible. Below you will find the stats on how effective olive oil is on both lice bugs and lice eggs. The studies speak for themselves.

Does Olive Oil Kill Lice?

olive oil 1


98% of head lice SURVIVE an olive oil treatment.

The myth is that olive oil can “smother” and suffocate head lice if left on the head for 8 hours. Studies testing the effectiveness of olive oil on head lice have proved this is COMPLETELY FALSE. It is a myth that olive oil kills lice.

One study compared the effectiveness of six different home remedies on head lice. Hair was completely saturated in olive oil and left to sit for a full 8 hours. After 8 hours, researchers examined the hair for live vs. dead head lice.

How did olive oil do?

Olive oil killed only 2% of head lice. That's less than tap water!

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Olive oil killed 2% of head lice, and 98% of head lice were still alive after being completely covered in olive oil for 8 hours.

So, does olive oil kill lice? NO!


Olive oil makes lice stop moving temporarily, this "fools" most people.

When you submerge lice in any liquid they stop moving.

This tricks most people into thinking that lice are dead, but they are not.

This is a coping mechanism that lice have that is termed "playing dead."

Studies show that submerging lice in oil or water causes them to go into survival mode. They can actually live in this survival mode for a very long time, you can think of it as "hibernation" for lice. One of their greatest survival skills is that they hold still and stop breathing (playing dead). 

Historically, people believed that lice could only hold their breath for 6 hours, but multiple studies have debunked that theory. All studies show lice can hold their breath for a VERY LONG TIME. One recent study showed lice living longer than 24 hours submerged in liquid. (study, study)

When you submerge lice in oil, they usually go into a hibernation state to conserve energy. One study termed this as “playing dead.” When people use olive oil for head lice, this “playing dead” is what they see, and they assume that lice are, in fact, dead. They're not.

Lice usually remain in this hibernation state for a little while after being removed from oils but “resurrect” back to life and are soon at full strength and capable of breeding just as before.

Home remedies like olive oil DO NOT kill lice, they only slow them down temporarily. This tricks people into thinking that lice are dead, but lice just come right back to life and keep infesting your child.

Which kills lice bugs?

yes, no, no or

Olive Oil = No!

Step-by-Step Video System = Yes!

Olive oil does NOT kill lice bugs. Whereas, doing a professional lice treatment using the Step-by-Step Video System kills 100% of lice bugs in one session without toxic chemicals, pesticides, or lice kits.

Does Olive Oil Kill Lice Eggs (Nits)?

Egg of the head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis) on a hair. The picture was taken after an anti-lice treatment  (Oxyphthirine - a substance based on Triglycerid producing a kind of film at the surface of the eggs and lice that induce asphyxia).  This egg is therefore dead and its aspect can be slightly different from an alive egg. It seems to be slightly deshydrated.  Scale : egg length= 0.57 mm  Technical settings :  - focus stack of 42 images - microscope objective (Nikon achromatic 10x 160/0.25) on bellow (160 mm extension)


Olive oil does not kill or prevent lice eggs (nits) from hatching. Lice eggs that hatch re-infest your child with lice again.

In one study, lice eggs (nits) were covered in olive oil for 10 days straight and compared to lice eggs not covered in oil. The majority of eggs smothered in olive oil hatched!

All it takes for lice to re-infest your head is 2 lice eggs hatching (one male, one female). So leave just 2 lice eggs behind and you will find yourself right back in this situation with lice again...and again...and again.

Which kills lice eggs (nits)?

yes, no, no or

Olive Oil = No!

Step-by-Step Video System = Yes!

Olive oil does NOT kill lice eggs or prevent them from hatching and re-infesting your child again and again. Whereas, doing a professional lice treatment using the Step-by-Step Video System eliminates 100% of lice eggs (nits) without toxic chemicals, pesticides, or lice kits.

Olive Oil Lice Treatment: Know the Facts


Be Aware of the Dangers

Olive oil lice treatments require you to saturate the hair in olive oil, place a plastic cap on it and then have your child sleep in it. Leaving plastic on your child while she sleeps can lead to suffocation as it did in this news story:

“Massachusetts police are investigating the death of an 18-month old child who suffocated, apparently because of a home remedy for head lice...

...a plastic shopping bag was placed over her head, a common home remedy for head lice. The girl was left unattended and apparently fell asleep, allowing the bag to slip down over her face, suffocating her.”

Olive Oil = Retreat, Retreat, Retreat!


The top reasons doing any treatment requiring multiple re-treatments is a bad idea.


Reason #1- You’ll have lice for weeks or months. I’m not a fan of any idea of living with lice for weeks on end, and that’s what you’ll be doing. Lice eggs will be hatching on your child’s head every day, which means she will have head lice crawling on her head until you do another treatment.

Reason #2- Lice eggs hatch at variable times. Eggs do not hatch all at once. Some lice eggs hatch within a few days. But, some lice eggs take longer to hatch. Some studies show lice eggs hatching 15 days later or 21 days later. So, you’ll need to do these treatments over and over and over again for how long?

Reason #3- Having lice for weeks or months will spread it. The longer your child has lice, the more likely she is to spread it to others in the home. Let’s say a few lice hatch the day after the treatment. What’s to keep lice from spreading to her siblings and friends?

If you choose the “repeat treatments” method, your child will have lice for several weeks because every day new lice will hatch from the eggs left in the hair.

If you want to get rid of lice fast and break free of re-treatments. Then learn how to do the professional technique by following along in the Step-by-Step Video System.

Olive Oil= Taking A BIG chance

fingers crossed

The ONLY benefit of olive oil is that saturating the hair with oil for hours often puts lice into a “play dead” mode, so they are immobile. This makes it easier to remove since they won’t be running away (or at least they'll be a little slower).

So, if you plan to manually remove all of the lice bugs while they are in this "playing dead" mode, then I guess olive oil can be helpful.

But, make sure you get out every last one because if you miss even one tiny bug, it will come back to life at full strength after you rinse the olive oil out.

Olive Oil = You Won't Get Rid of Lice!!

Viscous cycle 1

It's pretty unlikely that you'll harm your child physically using olive oil. (emotional trauma, yes, but no physical harm). However, it is almost guaranteed that if you treat lice with olive oil, you will stay trapped in the never-ending cycle because OLIVE OIL DOESN'T WORK!

Here's what will happen....

You'll "treat" with olive oil and get out the bugs that are "playing dead."

You'll think it's gone for a week or two.

And then, it'll be back with a vengeance! (Remember the strongest lice survive).

From there, you'll likely start researching another home remedy which won't work, then you'll do another that won't work and the cycle will continue.

Do You Want to Get Rid of Lice Permanently?


Because olive oil neither kills lice bugs nor lice eggs you're not going to get rid of lice. If you go the olive oil route anticipate your head lice journey to be a very long, painful process of treating and re-treating for months. (I'm speaking the truth, because I care).

Step-by-Step Video System

The step-by-step video system is 100% guaranteed to get rid of lice permanently without re-treatments. Follow the videos, and get rid of lice, it's as simple as that.

Ditch the olive oil, follow the step-by-step videos and get rid of lice by the end of the day!

One parent's experience...

"I ended up battling with lice and nits for almost a year! Yes one year!  I didn’t know what I was doing wrong... I felt it was all my fault, and my responsibility.

As a mother, feeling powerless to help your child is a terrible thing. I consulted doctors, dermatologists, homeopaths... not one person gave me the right advice...

There would be a few days when we thought we were nit free but then the nightmare and vicious circle would start all over again.

I came across the My Lice Advice site. It caught my eye because she promised 100% success and in one day... after 10 months of going around in circles, this was exactly what I wanted to hear....

She gave me the support I needed and the tools and knowledge to get rid of nits forever.

This program worked, I really couldn’t believe it ...  She uses only natural products and explains many things about nits that I never realized...

Her technique is tried and tested, easy to follow and very clear, and she guides you every step of the way, taking the infestation very seriously, and leaves no stone unturned!

It was a relief and a revelation to finally understand what was going on, where I was going wrong and more importantly to finally have a way out! Theresa did online what 3 different sets of professionals were not able to do face to face!

The misery is finally over!"

How to be lice-free by the end of the day...



Get rid of lice the same way the experts do. Your personal lice coach walks you through each step of doing a professional lice treatment at home in a series of videos.



Follow along with the videos on your child in your home. No lice kits or toxic chemicals involved!



When you're done with the videos, you're done with lice. And it's gone permanently!

"Follow along with the videos and get rid of lice. It's that simple."

If you choose to go another route...

sad mom

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, "Nah, I think I'll give another home remedy a try."

If that's your plan, then I genuinely wish you the very best. Lice is horrible, and no one should have to endure it for months on end. And I hope you don't.

But, I will caution you... that's most likely what will happen to you. Most people go from lice kit to lice kit and then from home remedy to home remedy. They think it's gone for a week or two, and then it comes back again. That's likely to be your story as well.


Most parents struggle with lice because they don't realize that lice have become immune to treatments that worked in the past.

Olive oil is among the worst lice treatments out there, as it does not kill head lice even after being left on the head for 8 hours. People are often fooled when they use olive oil because lice usually “play dead” when covered in liquid. But lice quickly come back to life stronger than ever.

The very best, most effective way to get rid of lice is by doing the same system I have done in my lice center for years. I teach parents how to do this system in step-by-step videos. If you want to get rid of lice for good, follow-along with the videos and get rid of lice by the end of the day!

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About the Author

Theresa is a Registered Nurse and lice expert with years of experience curing children of lice. She owns a lice treatment center in the US which is where she perfected the Step-by-Step Video System that is proven to get rid of lice permanently. She also works with government agencies and schools helping those with the worst head lice cases in America.

Her greatest passion is empowering parents by teaching parents online how to do a professional lice treatment on their child at home. She is the Lice Coach for the My Lice Advice Step-by-Step Video System.

Olive Oil For Lice Video Tutorial

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