Lice Sprays for Furniture, Lice Bombs, Bug Bombs and Foggers for Lice

You want to get head lice out of your home fast! So, what is the best and fastest way to get rid of lice in your home? Should you use lice spray for furniture, or is it better to use a lice bomb or fogger to get rid of lice all at once?

Before we talk about how to kill lice in the home, I cannot overemphasize the importance of using an effective lice product on your child. Most lice are resistant to traditional treatments, so if you “keep getting lice back,” it’s more likely you’re using one of these products. Check out the article Best Lice Shampoos to find the best products kill lice and remove lice eggs from your child’s head. 

If you spend lots of time cleaning and spraying for lice, but neglect to take care of the lice problem on your child’s head, you will find yourself stuck in the endless cycle of lice for months.

After effectively treating your child for lice, you want to get your house lice-free too. Lice sprays and bombs are the first things that come to mind for most people.

The Best Lice Sprays for Furniture

Unfortunately, most lice sprays on the market today are pesticides that are no longer effective at killing lice on the head or furniture. Multiple scientific studies have shown that the majority of lice in the US are resistant to the pesticides in lice sprays.

Additionally, pesticide sprays are EXTREMELY toxic and dangerous to you, your children, and your pets. If they killed lice, then maybe you could rationalize the risk of breathing problems, and cancer, but they don’t kill lice! 

There are only a few lice sprays that work on lice these days. A quick disclosure: these are affiliate links, and I do earn a commission from qualifying purchases; however, all of my reviews are based on the quality of the product.

The best household spray that I have found to kill lice is LiceLogic Clear & Free All Purpose Spray.

LiceLogic’s spray is different than other lice sprays because it is enzyme based (no pesticides). Enzymes can break down the exoskeleton of lice and kills them. Lice are not immune to these enzymes like they are with pesticides. 

Some sprays repel lice. Lice do not like the scent of several essential oils. When you spray these fragrances on furniture, lice flee the scene. My top pick for repellant lice sprays for furniture is Lice Clinics of America Lice Prevention Pure Repel Spray.

The Pure Repel Spray is made with pure essential oils; the strongest is peppermint. This spray will leave your home smelling like candy canes.

DIY Lice Spray - How to Make a Lice Spray for Furniture

If you are interested in making your own lice spray for your furniture, there are several essential oils known for repelling lice. Any of these scents can be mixed with water in a spray bottle and sprayed on furniture or mattresses to repel lice. Mix and match scents that you like.

I recommend Barefut. Barefut's essential oils are 100% pure, affordable, and GC/MS tested. As an added bonus Barefut is  not a MLM company!

Essential Oils for Lice Prevention

How to Clean Furniture and Mattress Without Lice Spray

You DO NOT need a spray to get lice out of your home; all you need to know is what to clean and how to clean it. I cover this topic in detail in my article The Ultimate Lice Cleaning Checklist to Get Rid of Lice in Your House. These are just a few basics from the article:

  • First, place items like pillows, bedding, and clothes in the dryer on high heat for 40 minutes.
  • Second, bag up items that can not be placed in the dryer to keep them away from humans for 48 hours (you do not need to seal the bag).
  • Third, vacuum, or clean with a lint roller, items that can not be put in the dryer or bagged, such as couches and rugs.

Click here to go to the complete article and see the checklist that covers everything you need to do to clean your couches, brushes, car seats, and more.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Lice Sprays, Bug Bombs and Foggers

How long can lice live on furniture? 

Generally, lice stick solely to the head; they don’t hang out on your furniture waiting to crawl on you. Lice must frequently feed on your blood to survive (I know...gross, right?). Their stubby, clawed legs are designed to move well in hair and hold on as if their life depended on it (because it does). 

If by chance, lice do fall off your head and onto your furniture, they will not live long. Without feeding (on you), lice dehydrate and die. In warm-dry climates, lice die within 12-24 hours off the head. However, in precise temperatures, the longest lice can survive is two days (48 hours). 

What should I do to kill lice on furniture without lice spray?

An effective way to get lice off of your couches and chairs is by vacuuming them. If you do not own a vacuum, then using a sticky tape lint roller to roll the sofa is another option.

Simply vacuuming or lint rolling, the couch will get any lice off of your furniture. Make sure you empty the lice into the trash and put it outside.

Are lice bombs or foggers effective?

Lice bombs and foggers are pesticides that no longer work on lice. They are not effective at killing head lice.

What about using flea bombs for head lice?

Fleas and lice are entirely different bugs. Treating lice with a flea bomb will not get rid of lice. Fleas infest a house, while lice infest a person. When fleas lay eggs, they fall into the carpet and hatch, whereas lice eggs are glued on a human head and hatch on a human head, not on a rug. 

Are there professional exterminators for lice?

You will be hard-pressed to find someone in pest control that will come out to treat the house for lice. Hiring an exterminator to spray the home will not get rid of lice.

Does lice spray or bombing kill lice in the carpet?

No. The best thing to clean your carpets is to vacuum them.

Should I spray my mattress for lice?

The sprays I listed above are safe to use on your mattress, but pesticide sprays should not be used on beds, because they do not kill lice and they are very toxic. You should be especially cautious of spraying them somewhere you sleep every night. The best thing you can do for your mattress is to vacuum it or use a sticky tape lint roller to clean it.


Pesticide sprays, bug bombs, and foggers are not effective at killing lice. Almost all lice are resistant to the most common lice sprays on the market. If you are looking for a lice spray that kills lice, then I suggest using an enzyme spray like LiceLogic Clear & Free All Purpose Spray. If you are looking for a lice spray that will make lice run off furniture and not come back on it, then I suggest Lice Clinics of America Lice Prevention Household Spray

The most effective way to get lice off your furniture and out of your home is not lice spray; it is lice specific house cleaning, which I go over in detail in the article The Ultimate Lice Cleaning Checklist to Get Rid of Lice in Your House. But, even more, important than house cleaning is that you use an effective lice treatment that lice are not resistant to. Be sure to check out the article Best Lice Treatment Shampoos for  Head Lice and Super Lice to discover which treatments will keep you in a cycle of endless lice and which treatments work.


Theresa is a Registered Nurse and lice expert. She owns a top lice treatment salon where she helps families battling lice every day. Disappointed by the false information about lice and lice treatment on the web, Theresa created to empower families to get rid of lice on their own--and fast. Read more about Theresa and her lice journey at “From Cardiac Nurse to Lice Expert”.