Do Lice Fly?
Do Lice Have Wings?

Picture of lice bug with arrow pointing to what looks like wings on a lice bug

Ever wondered why lice are so contagious? Watch this video to learn why it is so easy to get lice and discover the answer to these two questions: Do Lice Fly? and Do Lice Have Wings?

Let me introduce myself...

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Hi there! I'm a lice expert, lice coach, Registered Nurse, and the creator of My Lice Advice. I help people with lice every day in my lice treatment center, in school districts, and in government work. But the thing I love the most is empowering parents to get rid of head lice in ONE DAY at home! 

You can eliminate lice in one day using the same proven professional technique I use in my lice center on your child. Follow along with the Step-by-Step Video System, and when you're done with the videos you're done with lice. PERMANENTLY!

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