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Recent studies show that at least 98% of lice in the US today are resistant to traditional treatments. I only recommend the best lice products.

13 Best Lice Treatment Shampoos for Head Lice and Super Lice in 2020

These lice treatments are the best at killing lice & removing lice eggs at home. Head lice are resistant to most lice shampoos, so it’s essential you…

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Top 7 Lice Prevention Shampoos Proven to Help Avoid Lice in 2020

Discover the 7 best lice prevention shampoos available on the market that really prevent lice. Use them daily and avoid lice this year.

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5 Best Head Lice Combs to Get Rid of Lice Eggs and Nits

If you want to get rid of lice eggs quickly, the best solution is to get a professional level lice comb. These combs remove lice eggs with ease and...

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Robi Comb, V-Comb, and Nix Comb Comparison: Electric Lice Comb Review

The Robi Comb, V-comb, or Nix Comb, which is the best electric comb? In this side-by-side comparison the winner for best electric lice comb is…

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11 Best Lice Prevention Sprays Proven to Help Avoid Lice in 2020

Discover the 11 best lice prevention sprays and avoid lice this year. If you’ve struggled with lice in the past or are terrified of getting it in the future...

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